Chromebook Returns

All student Chromebook returns will happen on June 11.  Each class has been assigned a timeslot so please be on the lookout for a message from your child's teacher.  When you turn in your assigned Chromebook, you will need to turn in a completed Chromebook Return Form. They will be distributed on June 8 at book and materials return or it is attached below. The technology department will then assess each Chromebook utilizing the completed Chromebook Return Form and if any damages are found, assign a fine based on the following schedule. If a Chromebook is not returned, the "Chromebook Replacement” fine will be assessed.

Fee Schedule:

- Broken / Damaged Screen = $50

- Lost / Damaged Charger = $20

- Defaced / Marked / Damaged Chromebooks = $75

- Chromebook Replacement = $200

- Missing Asset Tags / Labels / Keys = $5